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Extractions can be simple or surgically done. Simple extractions are usually performed when the tooth is visible, already loose and only require dental forceps to lift it after it has been rocked back and forth. On the other hand, surgical extraction involves the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed because they have not fully erupted or they have broken under the gums. This requires an incision and frequently, the tooth to be extracted are split into multiple pieces to be able to easily remove it.

When your dentist decides that a tooth has to be removed, he may either do it on your regular checkup or schedule this procedure. He may then recommend cosmetic dental options thereafter. But you need not worry about the pain, because we'll take care of it.


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Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars found at the very back of the mouth. Most people get them during their late teens or early twenties. They are a valuable asset when they grow healthy and properly positioned but they may require removal when they get misaligned or impacted (Impacted Wisdom Tooth).

Impacted teeth are those that remain partially or completely entrapped within the soft tissues or within the jawbones. Wisdom tooth that only partially erupts through the gums leaves an opening for bacteria to enter and multiply and cause infections. Symptoms of Impacted tooth include Pain radiating to ear, Headache, swelling.

Let your dentist (Oral Surgeon) examine the positioning of your wisdom teeth. An x-ray can evaluate the alignment of your teeth.Cost of the wisdom tooth removal depends on the position and angulation of the tooth. Your dentist or oral surgeon may even advise extractions even before they completely erupt. This can help avoid a more complicated and painful extraction in the future. As a rule, wisdom teeth are removed at the earliest possible time, usually in the late teens, when the root of the teeth have not completely formed and the bones around the teeth are less dense. Laser assisted wisdom tooth removal causes lesser pain & swelling.

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