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Sports Guard/ Mouth Guard : To Protect from Teeth from sports Injury

According to the American Dental Association, more than injuries are prevented annually in the United States by sports mouthguards. The National Youth Sports Foundation, however, estimates that more than 5million teeth are lost by sports every year in the United States.

Play safe triple sports mouthguards fit exactly onto the teeth, do not move and allow to breathe freely and to speak normally.

Boil & Bite mouthguards fit poorly and become loose. The athlete has to hold this mouthguard onto the teeth, this prevents him from producing outstanding performances. Many scientific studies show that a Boil & Bite mouthguard provides a false sense of protection due to the dramatic decrease in thickness when the athlete bites it into place during its softened state (biting through).

The hard inter layer comprises the whole guard. It gives highest protection with smallest extent Laminated, three layered sports mouthguard, soft on inside and outside, hard in between. The hard inter layer extends over the whole protection. Playsafe triple is produced less voluminous with protective effect.

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